Monday, 27 December 2010

Reset! Reset! Reset!

At church we have just started going through the Gospel of John.  This Sunday we were taken through chapter 3, specifically the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus.  We were reminded the whole concept around being born again can only be experienced by those who recognize their need to hit life's reset button.

I pressed that button in my 35th year.  Having pressed it I experienced the wonder of grace - the unmerited favour of God.  How many of us, who can truly acknowledge that they have messed up in life, wouldn't like to start over with a clean slate?  I find the real wonder of grace is that God presses the reset button for me repeatedly.  Every time I make a mess of things and go to God confessing my screw-ups He presses the reset button.  In Christ my 'sin count' can always be zero.

So many have the wrong impression of God, seeing Him only as some kind of cosmic bully.  My God is different.  He loves me!  Passionately!