Saturday, 26 September 2015


To ask ‘are [all] atheists intentionally ignorant’ is not intended as an insult, rather, is it not a realistic statement of fact?  The reality is all atheists are ignorant of the existence of God. How could it be otherwise?  They openly promote this ignorance but would rather convey their message to their audience as denial.

Atheists must live with the dilemma that they are always having to ‘prove a negative’ even if they would deny that they have to actually prove anything.  The paradigm that divides non-believers and believers is that a non-believer must convince him or her self that God does not exist, while for those who seek God it is God who does the convincing.
Evolution is atheism’s single crutch and simultaneously its most effective weapon.  As with attacks on traditional marriage, euthanasia, pro-life proponents, religious conscience, etc. it is those who tend to 'shout the loudest’ would seem to prevail - regardless of any factual evidence to the contrary.  
In Wm. Paul Young’s latest book Eve, Younge wrote, "Lilly, words like 'God' and 'believe' are often meaningless. I don't believe God. I know God! Once you know someone, believing is no longer a concern.” 
Because I know God, it is a lot easier for me to place my faith in God’s description of Creation than in a manmade theory that requires one to stretch one’s faith to the infinite degree and still come up short on answers.  Every atheist must continually ponder the question: who or what is the uncaused cause of the universe and everything in it?  If there ever was a Big Bang who or what triggered it?  Apart from God it is an unanswerable question.
Which requires the greater faith: believing a knowable, omnipotent, omniscient God who describes how He created all living things (plants and creatures) after their own kind AND reveals Himself to those who choose Him, or a process spontaneously coming into existence to create all matter and life which has unprovable theories as its very foundation?
That which physically exists (all living things, fossils and geologic matter) is the physical evidence both Creationists and evolutionists are constrained to, upon which they must base and argue their apologetics.  
Creationists do not discount natural selection and accept physical ‘evidence’ as it presents itself without having to apply theories of an evolutionary process to bring it about.  Conversely, evolutionists must prove two distinct processes: natural selection and evolution - the former in no way proving nor supporting the latter.
All scientific revelations only further persuade me of a Magnificent Creator, rather than the mind-bendingly complex processes theorised to argue how life might have come about.  
I have read arguments such as chimpanzees and humans having 90+% of their DNA in common - as if to prove that humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestry.  Such ‘evidence’ proves nothing.  It is equally reasonable to argue that the Magnificent Creator would share elements of His incredibly complex and intricate design throughout much of that which He created.
Just as troubling are commentaries that use lack of evidence to support a thesis.  It is common sense that a lack of evidence cannot possibly prove anything.  Missing evidence can only mean one of three things: the evidence has been destroyed [erased], transformed or has yet to be uncovered.  Science requires the evidence must be in evidence.
Both the Creation paradigm and evolutionary theory use the same fossil record to demonstrate their beliefs.  The Creationist can demonstrate that worldwide sedimentary deposits along with the fossil record exactly match the Biblical account of the flood, while the evolutionist will argue that the fossil record documents the sequence in which creatures ‘evolved’.  Further, the evolutionary expositor depends on ‘dating methods’ that are mostly theoretical in nature. 
The chasm an atheist must cross is as wide as his or her pride.  Jesus implied that it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a proud person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; in short, impossible.  A proud person will seek any excuse (including arguing the theory of evolution) to avoid coming face-to-face with God.  Conversely, any person who recognizes his or her wretched condition is welcome to sit at the feet of God and receive unimaginable blessings as a consequence.