Sunday, 8 November 2015


This morning our church held a Remembrance Service.  There were some moving images of our Veterans in battle from the First and Second World Wars and haunting reminders of those who returned from Afghanistan in flag draped boxes.

As the images came up on the screen I pondered what these heroic men and women, many of whom who paid the ultimate sacrifice, would think of the contempt with which we ‘honour’ the liberty they gave us?  We make it possible to kill our unborn children by the millions, legalize euthanasia, the Government proposing legislation to legalize the sale of mood altering drugs and of the segments of Canadian society who try and banish God from every aspect of public life?  

Tell me, what would they have thought of the contempt many of today’s generation show for the values they once held so dear?

After we stood for two-minutes of silence and reflection we sung Oh Canada, our National Anthem.  We, thankfully, sung the third verse as well.  The second and third stanzas, have too bee banished from the public square – the third honours God.
   Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,  
   Hold our Dominion in thy loving care; 
   Help us to find, O God, in thee 
   A lasting, rich reward, 
   As waiting for the better Day, 
   We ever stand on guard.
We often sing, “God keep our land, glorious and free…” with great gusto at sporting and other events. Yet, with the rampant immorality we see in our society today, I no longer consider Canada to be glorious and the zealotry we see to keep God out of all things Canadian is not my definition of freedom.

I am glad most of these brave men and women are not hear to see the Canada we have become.  I fear they may have ultimately died in vain.